SysAdmin and DevOps for Mastodon micro-blogging social media servers: Mastodon Mexican Bold and Mastodonte Red. Both are instances of Mastodon* open-source micro-blogging software. The sites are run and maintained by Christophe R Patraldo and Antoine Patraldo. We’ve also re-launched our SOLID pod server. Sign-up for your own WebID and get started with Web 3.0.0. The semantic web is here!

Mastodon Mexican Bold is my personal site (by invitation only, if even that). I may change to a different server. Meanwhile, I have a couple of aliases:, and I will hopefully settle on one of those, if not a completely different alias. To create your own alias on your own domain, without creating your own server, read the post Mastodon Up!

Mastodonte Red is a Spanish language site without any particular philosophical afilliation. (“Red” means network. It has absolutely nothing to do with any political inclination.) Por apoyo en español con Mastodonte “Punto” Red, vamos a arrancar otra página web.

These are safe places to share thoughts and ideas, engage in reasonable arguments, develop cooperative dialogue and participate in dignified discourse.

Moderation of Mastodonte Red adheres to the spirit if not the letter of The Santa Clara Principles on content moderation.

Mastodonte Red (mastodonte punto red)
Mastodon Mexican Bold

As for the Semantic Web, it’s been almost two years since we launched some experimental Node Solid Servers (with some critical help from the Toronto Coffee and Code group, thank you). Those went by the wayside after a short proof-of-concept period. Fast-forward to end of the year 2022, we’ve returned to SOLID with a Community Solid Server and a renewed commitment to “Sir Tim Berner-Lee’s vision of a vibrant web, for all”.

Solid is a technology for organizing data, applications, and identities on the web. Solid enables richer choices for people, organizations and app developers by building on existing web standards.

Join us at the advent of this exciting new phase of the World Wide Web – Web 3.0 is here! You’re welcome to sign up for your own personal WebID on the site we’ve developed and hosting at We’re still learning the ropes, so maybe don’t bank on it for more than a quick introduction and way to get your feet wet – or wwwebbbed that is!